Long Form Improv, Chicago-Style
Lead By: Devil's Daughter - Gretchen Eng, Max Ganet, Lisa Burton
Saturday, September 21, 10AM-1PM

Allow Devil's Daughter to walk you through the beats of a long form Harold, giving you the tools to master the intricacies of group work and launch you into excellent scene work that will lay the foundation for a well-rounded and hilarious half hour show. Devil's Daughter's specific take on the Harold will also give you the opportunity to explore solo character work. With these three components: Group Work, Solo Characters, and Two-Person scenes, you will leave feeling empowered to take charge in any aspect of a long form show with imagination and confidence. 

Improv to Sketch, The Building Blocks of a Scene
Lead By: Devil's Daughter - Brad Pike, Mary Tilden, and Rachel Smith
Saturday, September 21, 10AM-1PM

This class will break down the building blocks of a great sketch comedy scene and allow students to explore ideas through improv before putting them down on the page. This class is an exciting opportunity to stretch your improv muscles and your writing muscles all in one. By the end of the class, each student should walk away with 1-2 characters or scenes they feel confident sharing with an audience.

Movement for Improvisers
Lead By: The Raving Jaynes - Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham
Saturday, September 21, 10AM-1PM

The use of the body is an essential part of improv. Strong physical choices can clarify characters, focus the mind, and bring energy and direction to scenes.  Although improvisers know that physicality is important, there is often little time to work individually on expanding physical range. This class will offer exercises that will help performers commit to heightened ways of moving, develop more physical clarity and gain confidence. Performers will receive individual feedback and specific techniques for harnessing their physical potential. We will sweat, breathe, twist and shout, so wear comfortable clothing that you can move in and be prepared to go barefoot!

The Who
Lead By: Pearl - Amanda Barnes, Piper Gillin, Theresa Gumprecht, Carla Delaney
Saturday, September 21, 2PM-5PM

Strong characters form strong relationships. By investigating unique character perspective and finding specific points of view, workshop participants will dissect the wants, desires, backgrounds, fears, and joys of characters to add complexity to relationship-based improv scenes. Participants will use a series of games and mental, vocal, and physical exercises to make these discoveries and heighten character and relationship work.

Get Singy With It
Lead By: 4D Thieves - Jennette Cronk and Jacob Horn
Saturday, September 21, 2PM-5PM

Learn the essential skills of musical improv and take your scenes in whole new directions! In this workshop, we'll dive into exercises that will make your scenes (in both musical and non-musical improv alike) richer and more satisfying. Some things we'll be thinking about include honoring and heightening emotions, how to make scenes more specific, and playing fun characters. We'll start by covering the foundational verse/chorus song structure, so you don't need previous musical improv experience. And you don't need to be a trained singer, just come ready to use the voice you have!

Attacking the Scene
Lead By: Poster Boys - Robert Bacon and Collin Dahlgren
Saturday, September 21, 2PM-5PM

No more scenes of just two people talking at each other. This workshop will focus on using emotion, physicality, and commitment in your two person scenes. These skills will allow you to develop memorable characters that are invested in the world you’ve created. Develop trust and confidence in your scene partner that will allow you to move your scenes into places you and the audience weren’t expecting.

Improvising with Emotion
Lead By: James Dugan
Sunday, September 22, 12PM-3PM

The greatest tool in the improviser’s box is their own emotions, but we often shy away from showing those feelings onstage. This workshop will get you comfortable using a wide range of emotions to create connections in all kinds of scenes. From two-person to group scenes, you’ll learn how this skill can be used in just about every situation you can find yourself in onstage.

Playing Positive: Conflict Free Improv
Lead By: Mike Morrell
Sunday, September 22, 12PM-3PM

As a veteran teacher, I'm so tired of seeing people fight in scenes. It's not interesting, it's not good, and more importantly it's not fun. I like to show people the joy in mirroring, choosing love and like as choices and getting some of the negativity off stage. Peas in a pod can change the world!

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